Welcome!  The Canton League of Women Voters invites YOU to take this important survey regarding voting in Canton.
Do you vote in elections every November?

Do you vote in special referendums, such as their the annual town budget or for the town garage issue?

If YES, we thank you!  We also invite you to come to our candidates night held every October

If NO, what prevents you from voting?  Choose as many as apply.

(*Reminder-If you have a medical condition that keeps you from voting, you may apply for a permanent absentee ballot.)

If you answered NO, would you vote if:

Have you ever served on a Town of Canton Board or Commission?

If YES, we thank you!
If you answered NO to the above question, what has prevented you from serving?

A link to the Town of Canton's website, listing vacancies on Boards and Commissions:

We thank you for taking this poll.  Information gathered will be helpful as the Canton League of Women Voters focuses on voter turn out and engagement in our town.  This is the 45th year that The Canton League of Woman Voters has been involved in non-partisan work to educate and inform the voters of Canton.  We look forward to sharing our results with you.

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